How to create flash games

Today, many users are quite capable of creating their own flash games with the help of special programs - game designers. You can create simple games having basic programming skills. You will need games designer and a computer running on Windows.


1. Install computer games designer.
2. Run a flash program to create games. Activate the settings and choose the readable language. Many programs use English as default language.
3. Open templates for games creation. They are categorized by genres - arcades, shooters, puzzles and many others. Select the required genre and activate it by double clicking.
4. Choose static and animated objects and move them to your template. Create a background, choose a color and texture.
5. Check with animations player, which features are not yet involved. Add them. Set required levels of movements of characters, for arcade games, or objects for logical games.
6. Activate the debugger. You can beat the game at any level in this mode to verify its operability. Resolve any errors and re-check the game. Save your changes. 7. Find out original name for your flash game. Write a brief summary. Make a splash at the beginning of the game by using logos designer. Save all changes and your game is ready.

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