How to create puzzle flash games

Puzzles are very popular flash games for playing on line. Kids and adults like to spend their free time putting pieces together to get a beautiful picture. Designers form do their best to make up a collection of high quality games. Therefore, we carefully check and select each puzzle. Read more about our solutions for communicating online.

When you create puzzles, please follow these simple rules:
1. Puzzle name is spelled with a capital letter, in English and without a point at the end. The title should be concise and informative.

2. If you come up with a good description of your puzzle – it is welcomed! Puzzles with a good story is more interesting. Please, do not just copy the text from the Internet, but write it yourself.

3. Please check all text for errors. If you are unsure of your spelling, use online services to check it.

4. Specify the author of the image. Please note that the author - is not the one, who has downloaded the puzzle on the website, but the artist, who have painted a picture or a photographer taken a picture.

5. Some authors do not want their works to be transfered into puzzles. We respect and observe this request, so before creating the puzzle be sure to check a list of banned publications.

6. Chosen picture must be in JPG or PNG format, of good quality, without blurring and other artifacts. Image should not contain extraneous labels (such as the site address or copyright symbol). Image size should not be less than 600x600 pixels.

7. It is fun to collect a puzzle when the picture includes a lot of different parts. Conversely, it is not interesting to collect monotone images. So, avoid images that include many homogeneous background. For example, if even some very original thing is displayed in the center of the picture with big gray background - believe me, it would be to boring to collect such a picture.

8. Picture itself should be of general interest, to be beautiful, aesthetic and professionally prepared. If this is you favorite amateur photography - please do not offer such a picture in the overall collection as moderators would ban it.

9. The number of elements should be such that they are not too large, as sandals, and not too small, it was not necessary to examine them under a microscope. Optimal size for piece of puzzle is – 60x60 pixels.

Maxine Garrett for about creation of puzzle flash games for online playing.

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