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As computer technologies are constantly changing, the ways how people entertain are also changing. Modern computer technology has changed our lives greatly. Due to relatively low prices on modern devices, almost everyone has some modern stuff as mobile phone, personal computer or laptop. And the higher level of these devices is the more virtual space gets a human. Today, there are millions of video chat opportunities on the Internet, where people communicate, share any files and information. Online video chats provide Internet users an opportunity to share same emotions as in real communication. Here, people are able to flirt, quarrel and resent each other. In video chats with a webcam and microphone people can not only communicate by means of messages texting, but also to talk, and even see each other and in this case, the distance is not a barrier. Now online seminars are held with the help of video conferencing opportunities that do not differ from real seminars and training courses, except the fact that each participant of such event stays at home, thus significantly saving on travel expenses.

There are many advantages in virtual communication. According to psychologists' opinion, communication - is the main component of our life. It is very difficult to find a like-minded person or people who share your hobbies in a big city. It is much easier to find a friend or dear person in a virtual world. The fact that today there is a large number of unstable marriages is a consequence of communicational difficulties and lack of time for searching the right person. Often the most common places where young people meet each other are discos, night clubs, bars and parks. It is necessary to accept the fact that it is rather hard to choose a person you really need in these places.

Psychologists from Canada conducted a study which proves that video chats acquaintance and subsequent relationships of these people in real life are much stronger than the relationship that began in real life. After all, before taking a decision to meet, people find a lot of useful information about your partner (his interests, hobbies, and preferences) while chatting. And then when they meet in real life it is much easier to communicate, because they already know each other very well. Yet more often chat implies a friendship, conversation between friends, information sharing (photos, videos, etc.). Without all these opportunities, we will not be able to live, as communicating in online video chats became popular everyday activity that brings joy. Don't hesitate to join video chat community as it helps to meet new friends.

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